Xbox Live Widget, Updated

xboxwidget.jpgUpdate: This widget relies on data that we don’t control, and has not been tested for Snow Leopard. It appears to be having difficulties updating now, so we can’t make any guarantees that it will work. Sorry!

If you’ve been using one of the fine folk using our [Xbox Live Widget](, you may have noticed that it’s lately been suffering from a mild case of *not-working*.

Turns out we had a slight bug in the works that caused the widget not to be able to get your friends’ statuses, and resulted in a totally blank widget. Fortunately, it wasn’t too difficult to iron out once we knew what was causing it. Thanks to our hard-working volunteer widgeteer Andrew (seriously, folks, give him a hand).

And so we present to you our newly updated widget (v0.81 if you’re keeping track at home), now with 100% more workingness. You can [download it here](; I’ll also note that it’s been updated on that original download page.

I’m thinking we might need to get an actual download page for this at some point, huh?

how do you put in your live tag? it’s just a blank box for me, on leopard.

Click in the lower right corner to flip around to the “back” for an input field. You don’t enter your tag, but the tags of anybody whose status you want to check. There’s no login functionality here.

… Though, now that I try to do that myself, I notice it’s taking a really, really long time to sync up and let me click on anything at all. Not sure if that’s a problem with the widget or the service it’s pulling data from. You can tell it’s ready when the icon in the upper right turns from gray to green.

Doesn’t seem to work for me on SL 10.6.1 sadly.

The real holy grail would be an Adium plugin so you could see who was online, their status, and send messages to players – as in, “Be right there”, “hell, dude why you guys playing co-op without me!”, etc.

Simply just can’t get this to work. Nothing but a white screen. Tried on two different MacOSX versions.

Yeah, it has been having issues. I will add an update to the text of this post as a heads up to newcomers.

Akatsuki is right, though, that what we really need is some kind of integration with chat programs. I suppose the web interface at is the closest we get to that (and does allow messaging directly to friends who are online), though it sucks up a lot of RAM to keep that tab open in Safari.