Personal Achievements while Xbox was Away on Repair

Misted a citrus tree for the first time.

Completed reading a book first started 15 years ago.

Visited a cafe that’s out of the way from normal walking routes.

First victory in an Ebay auction.

Ate a chicken heart at a Brazilian barbecue restaurant.

Chatted on the phone with parents multiple times in one week.

Purchased a blazer and a bag on sale.

Checked Microsoft Repair and Shipping Status online 300 times or more.

I’m surprised not to see thesis writing on that list. I guess it’s just not funny.

There’s nothing unusual about thesis writing. Don’t make me ruin the “achievement” joke by explaining further!

Xbox still hasn’t come (thanks to delivery snafu), so I am updating the post with another unusual achievement.

What book was it?

Dune (the first one). I’d write a short review but I can’t think of much to say besides “it was okay.”

Okay. Cool. I was just curious. :)

Especially because I believe my longest, non-read book is Jane Erye which I started reading in 1996 and failed to read 4 times (including twice for classes, at least?). Then again, I have a feeling I’m not going to ever finish it.