Slinging My Hopes Around

Topless Robot directs our attention to a trailer for Slingers, a sci-fi/heist TV show that does not exist.

SLINGERS from Mike Sizemore on Vimeo.

They’re hoping to make a pilot soon.

I think the commenters at Topless Robot sum up the show’s options pretty aptly:

  1. “Fox will buy it, It will be great, it will get cancelled.”
  2. “This show belongs on Sy Fy, at least they’d give it three seasons or so before canceling it at the top of its ratings for being too expensive to make.”
  3. “Just leave Hollywood out of it, I say. Let the Brits make it and we’ll get it a few months later via BBC America.”
  4. “But to be realistic; here’s why it will fail; it looks to be a smart, well-written sci-fi show with cult-like appeal while hitting the right main-stream demographics. And we all know, in a world of injustice (Jon & Kate plus 8, Wife Swap, and every Law & Order spin off) that does not bode well for smart-TV (Arrested Development, Firefly, Futurama).”

This reminds me of the campaign to save Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse before the show even aired. Maybe someone should start a two-pronged campaign to get this made into a show and then not cancel it.