Short Game Review: Fallout New Vegas

Don’t buy this on Xbox or PS3 yet. I really enjoyed this game, and played it for many hours, but I’d be remiss in my duties as a reviewer and a friend if I didn’t start that way. Fallout New Vegas is basically a full-length expansion of Fallout 3, so if you liked that game, you will like this one. A few game mechanics have been slightly improved, but overall, it’s basically the same system with new characters and in a new setting. It is, however, without question, the buggiest game I have ever played. It froze and forced me to restart multiple times every time I sat down to play, often within seconds of starting. It corrupted my save files twice in one night, forcing me to redo hours of content. It locked me out of several quests because I didn’t do them in the order the developers expected. I hear the PC version works much better, and also has a robust modding community, so either buy it for PC, wait until they fix the other version, or wait for it to go on sale. There is no reason to pay full price for a game this broken, no matter how good.