Hoverboard Rerelease Lacks Awesome

Mattel has announced that it will be rereleasing hoverboards in time for 2015, the “future” year in which Back to the Future II took place. The new hoverboard design does not actually hover, however, but “glides” as a concession to parents’ concerns about safety following the “dangerous” design of the original hoverboard.

Behind-the-Scenes Hoverboard Shot

You saw it here first. (And by “here,” I mean here.)

Hoverboard Availability Update

In our continued charge of giving you the most up to date news on the availability of Hoverboards we thought it important to share with you this video of a working Hoverboard created by French artist Nils Guadagnin. The device uses an electromagnetic system (in the board and the pedestal it is on) combined with a laser system for stabilization.

HOVERBOARD – NILS GUADAGNIN from nils guadagnin on Vimeo.

Breaking News: Michael J. Fox says hoverboards aren’t real

But really, can you trust him? The man’s a trained actor, people.

Hoverboard Traffic Update

As you may know, we here at Doombot occasionally like to check our traffic stats to see what kinds of search terms and referrers are sending people to Doombot. And when we do this, we are especially mindful of those who find their way here in search of information on hoverboards, a topic so important it has earned its own category here. Well, I just thought now would be a good time to check in and let you know how hoverboards figure in our traffic to date.

In the last month, Doombot has been reached via 28 hoverboard-related queries among over 480 visits (approximately 5.8% of visits). This is a slight increase over our lifetime average (since Google Analytics started tracking our traffic), which has recorded over 13,000 visits, with 362 (approximately 2.8%) in search of something related to hoverboards.

The most popular among the hoverboard search queries leading visitors to Doombot are simple permutations of the word “hoverboard” in the singular, plural, and with and without a space or the definite article (47 visits). Runners up include queries asking “how to make” or “how to build” a hoverboard (17 visits), and hoverboard “plans” or “design notes” (11 visits). Dozens of different queries were made in the hopes of confirming that hoverboards are “real” or were actually once manufactured by Mattel, including one visitor wondering “where can I get a hoverboard from Mattel,” and another asking “why Mattel recalled the hoverboard.” Several additional specific queries seeking further information on building or otherwise acquiring hoverboards ask “how much hoverboards cost,” “what stores have hoverboards,” “tools to make a hoverboard with magnets,” and “where is the hoverboards build a bear workshop.”

This represents the most recent information available on the status of people seeking hoverboard-related information from Doombot. We hope that this information has been as enlightening for you as it has been for us.

Let’s Talk About Hoverboards

Dan’s recent post on hoverboards, combined with Tony’s recent addition of an entire blog category on cake, has made me realize something: If Doombot is ever to be a destination on the web for hoverboard enthusiasts (as our keyword referrals and 14-page Google position indicate may be our destiny), we need an entire category on hoverboards. So I made that, just now.

Now, on a tangential note, I’d like to tell you about the grassroots campaign to get Nike to mass produce the McFly 2015, also known as the sneakers Michael J. Fox wears in Back to the Future II.

At Online Fandom, Dr. Nancy Baym notes that her earlier post on the shoe was one of her most read posts to date, suggesting that the popularity of hoverboards among internet surfers may well extend to this futuristic shoe. (Perhaps I should retitle this category, “The Year 2015”..?) More recently, she offers an update to comment on how Nike made a shoe sort of like the one in the movie, but not enough like it to appease fans.

Nevertheless, I find this news promising. Sooner or later Nike will move on from these “Hyperdunk” sneakers and get the self-lacing McFly model correct; then, we might see self-drying jackets; and finally, after this, functional hoverboards. Cross your fingers, everybody (for seven years or so, just to be safe).

The hoverboard can be yours…if the price is right

In our continuing self-appointed duty to bring you all the news that is fit to electronically print about our favorite *cryptotechnological* means of conveyance, I just wanted to point out to you that one lucky person will be able to take home [the actual hoverboard used in *Back to the Future II*](http://gizmodo.com/5026747/hover-boards-holy-grails-and-tie-fighters-fill-hollywood-prop-auctions-geek-memorabilia-motherlode). Along with a handful of other *rare artifacts* such as [*the Holy Fucking Grail*](http://gizmodo.com/photogallery/propauction/1002841456), it’s being auctioned off on July 31st. Granted, you’ll need to pony up $30,000—but come on, I mean, a hoverboard *pays for itself*, amirite?

There’s kind of a cruel bent to this auction. I mean, selling of [C-3PO’s feet](http://gizmodo.com/photogallery/propauction/1002841808)? And what about [Geordi’s visor](http://gizmodo.com/photogallery/propauction/1002841709); how’s the poor guy going to *see*? Why don’t you auction off Stephen Hawking’s *wheelchair* while you’re at it?

Oh man, it’s an embarrassment of riches, though: I mean, [The Rocketeer’s helmet](http://gizmodo.com/photogallery/propauction/1002841566)? [Kirk’s phaser](http://gizmodo.com/photogallery/propauction/1002841731)? A Tusken Raider costume from…*Attack of the Clones*? Ew. *Lame*.

Unfortunately, I suspect I’ll be missing the event, as I’ll be busy helping [some *jackass*](http://doombot.com/author/jason/) unload his moving van. But if anybody is looking for something to commemorate a certain blog’s upcoming [fifth anniversary](http://doombot.com/2003/) (hiatuses not included), well, I’m just *sayin’*.

It’s the year 2008: where is my hoverboard? I *want* my hoverboard.

In our continuing coverage of all things hoverboard (a topic that our demographics clearly show that readers crave), we bring you the latest developments in hover technology.

Researchers at Cornell University—my alma mater, no less!—have apparently managed to pair superconductors with magnets in order to make hovering vehicles theoretically possible. Of course, science is not without its catches: in order for this to work, the temperature needs to be under -300°F. If you’re wondering, the coldest temperature ever measured on Earth was apparently -129°F, so seriously, people: it’s time we start doing something about this global warming shit. If we keep going the way we are now, we’ll never have hover vehicles. Then what will you tell your children? “Sorry Bobby, but because I couldn’t go without driving my Hummer to the corner store, you can’t have a hoverboard for Christmas. Because they don’t exist.” I hope you enjoy having your children grow up hating you with every fiber of their being.

Anyway, if I can earmark my donation for hoverboard research, I might actually consider giving money to my college for once. Let’s see: I’ve got about two dollars in change in my pocket…and some lint. I expect return on my investment. You’ve got seven years.

Three New(ish) Game Genres

While reading RSS feeds and chatting with Dan and Gen this morning (in Kai’s abandoned Palatial Pad), we’ve come upon three items of note relating to genres of video gaming.

Psychedelic Shooters: First, go look at this clip of Space Giraffe, and take it as one more piece of evidence that you ought to buy an Xbox 360 so you can be cool like me and Dan. When I told Gen I plan to buy this when I return to Philly, she asked me if I also plan on starting LSD. Maybe I’ll get to that after the seizures wear off.

Hoverboard Racers: Second, check out this post on Street Trace: NYC, another Xbox Live Arcade game. Kotaku writer Mike Fahey comments, “Street Trace: NYC is a new entry in my what could be favorite genre of all time: the hoverboard racer.” I figured this genre merited mention in a post here, seeing as how we’re still getting a decent amount of traffic on this site from people scouring the interweb for information on hoverboards.

3PS’s: And finally, we here at Doombot have decided that while FPS is an acceptable abbreviation of “first-person shooter,” TPS cannot adequately describe third-person shooters because of its associations with mindless paperwork. Therefore, we now officially promote the abbreviation 3PS (pronounced “THREE-pee-ess”), which is awesome because (a) it is shorter than the phrase “third-person shooter” and (b) it kind of reminds us of C-3PO. Wikipedia recognizes TPS and 3PS as acceptable abbreviations, so this is hardly a “new” game genre. Nevertheless, we feel that our considerable authority must be brought to bear on this pressing issue.

These are the things one discusses in the days following PAX.

Search Terms Are Totally Awesome

I tried installing Google Analytics on Doombot’s front page so we could get a sense of who’s actually reading the site. I’ll be honest: I probably failed. Our hosting company provides software to keep track of page requests, but it doesn’t really track unique visitors, and the page requests are really dominated by spam bots. I will say, however, that it is totally awesome to see which search terms bring people here:

Listing the top 20 queries by the number of requests, sorted by the number of requests.

#reqs search term
21 doombot
9 hover board
6 firefly online game
5 hoverboard
5 hoverboards
4 innocent prey
4 how to build a hoverboard
4 wii
3 enoch root
3 wii help cat
3 the wire hbo
3 mattel hoverboard
3 gears of war short
3 what makes a good game
2 duck billed platypus mammals
2 built by wendy kathleen hanna
2 sukia tercer sexo review -amazon
2 phentermine online site:www.thephenterminepharmacy.com
2 gears of war water polo sharks
2 hbo wire

Dan probably didn’t realize that this post would be such an online sensation, but apparently the netizens need their hoverboards. I’m especially proud that we came up for “what makes a good game” and “sukia tercer sexo review” (without those dirty, dirty Amazon results), and I hope our writings on these matters have been helpful for you intrepid searchers.

Also, I have absolutely no idea who was searching for Gears of War and Water Polo Sharks at the same time, but I must admit that I’m impressed that we were able to accommodate you.